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Scientific director
Alberto Bucci

Room 7 - Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods
Via Conservatorio 7
20122 Milan

+39 02503 21463

Since November 2011: Full professor of Economics at DEMM
Senior Research Fellow, RCEA (Rimini Center for Economic Analysis), University of Bologna at Rimini, Italy
Research Fellow, CICSE (Inter-Universities Center for Economic Growth and Development), University of Pisa, Italy
Scientific Director of the FinGro Lab (Research Laboratory on Finance and Growth), Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

September 2002: PhD in Economics at Universite' catholique de Louvain, Belgium
February 1999: PhD in Economics at University of Ancona, Italy
June 1995: M.Ec. - Master in Economics at Bocconi University, Italy

Research Interests
Economic growth and mark-ups
Dilution effects in growth models with human capital investment and exogenous/endogenous fertility choice
R&D and innovation–based economic growth
Culture in models of economic growth (one and two-sectors growth models)
Government expenditure, public capital, private capital, and economic growth
Returns to specialization, population, and product market competition in endogenous R&D–based growth models
Finance and Growth.
Recently Submitted Papers
  • Health and Economic Growth in a Model with R&D Investment and Human Capital Accumulation (joint with A. Baldanzi, University of Milan and K. Prettner, Vienna University of Technology and University of Hohenheim, Germany)
  • Financial development and Economic Growth: Long Run Equilibrium and Transitional Dynamics (joint with S. Marsiglio, School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, University of Wollongong, Australia)
  • On the (Non-Monotonic) Relation between Economic Growth and Finance (joint with S. Marsiglio, School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, University of Wollongong, Australia and C. Prettner, Dept. of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria)
  • Specialization vs Competition: An anatomy of Increasing Returns to Scale (joint with P. Ushchev, NRU-HSE, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)
  • Variety, Competition, and Population in Economic Growth: Theory and Empirics (joint with L. Carbonari, University of Tor Vergata, Rome, and Giovanni Trovato, University of Tor Vergata, Rome) 

Recent Publications
  • Horizontal Differentiation and Economic Growth under Non-CES Aggregate Production Function (joint with V. Matveenko), Journal of Economics (2016, forthcoming)
  • Population and Economic Growth under Different Growth Engines (joint with X. Raurich), German Economic Review (2016, forthcoming)
  • Product Proliferation, Population, and Economic Growth, Journal of Human Capital, 9(2), Summer 2015, pp. 170-197
  • Smart Endogenous Growth: Cultural Capital and the Creative Use of Skills (joint with P.L. Sacco and G. Segre), International Journal of Manpower, 35(1-2), May 2014, pp. 33-55.
  • Non-Monotonicity of Fertility in Human Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth (joint with S. Boikos and T. Stengos), Journal of Macroeconomics, 38 (Part A), December 2013, pp. 44-59.
  • Returns to Specialization, Competition, Population, and Growth, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37(10), October 2013, pp. 2023-2040.
  • On the Interaction between Public and Private Capital in Economic Growth (joint with C. Del Bo), Journal of Economics, 106(2), June 2012, pp. 133-152.
  • Government Spending and Growth in Second-Best Economies (joint with M. Florio and D. La Torre), Economic Modelling, 29(3), May 2012, pp. 654-663.
  • Stochastic Technology Shocks in an Extended Uzawa-Lucas Model: Closed-Form Solution and Long-Run Dynamics (joint with C.Colapinto, M. Forster and D. La Torre), Journal of Economics, 103(1), pp. 83-99, 2011.
  • Culture and Human Capital in a Two-Sector Endogenous Growth Model (joint with G. Segre), Research in Economics, 65(4), December 2011, pp. 279-293.
  • Transitional Dynamics in the Solow-Swan Model with AK Technology and Logistic Population Change (joint with L. Guerrini). The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Article 43 (Topics), 2009
  • Horizontal Innovation-based Growth and Product Market Competition (joint with C. P. Parello) Economic Modelling, 26(1), 2009, pp.213-21
  • Population Growth in a Model of Economic Growth with Human Capital Accumulation and Horizontal R&D. Journal of Macroeconomics, 30(3), 2008, pp. 1124-47.
  • Embodied Technical Change and Learning-by-Doing in a Two-Sector Growth Model with Human Capital Accumulation (joint with H. Kunze and D. La Torre). In Optimal Control of Age-structured Populations in Economy, Demography, and the Environment, Edited by R. Boucekkine, N. Hritonenko and Y. Yatsenko, London, UK: Routledge, 2011, Chapter 6, pp. 126-39.
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